The “Ikea” of… “Google” it!

And take a chill… Popsicle. Can you name a brand that has been genericized? Inspired by the recent events #microgrid2020 by Microgrid Knowledge* and #Greenbuild2020* by Greenbuild, I found an interesting article with a nice marketing twist. A new solar company created a new affordable concept for microgrid that requires some assembly.They said in an…

Happy and Healthy Packaging!

This innovative product from Illinois will help you finally get rid of the multiple vitamin and supplement bottles crowding your place! All in a colorful and cheerful eco-package. I love the concept and design, clean and colorful. Glass bottle easy to recycle and sunny package that will make you smile! #design #product #colorful #easy #vitamins #marketing #branding #packagedesign

Instagram: How will hiding likes affect marketers and their clients?

Roxane BERNARD – 11/09/2019 Starting next week, Instagram will test some accounts in the US and hide their likes in an attempt to decide wether or not this is a solution to a safer, healthier environment. This “hide and don’t seek” strategy has been tested in other countries and other platforms like Facebook and YouTube….